Why you should take more spontaneous trips

You can only plan a few things in life.

And when it comes to traveling, planning becomes a practice of filling in the blanks. You know on Tuesday you’ll be climbing a mountain, but you certainly cannot plan all the circumstances associated with doing so.

When your planning is limited to purchasing a plane ticket, the possibilities are endless. Complete randomness becomes the blueprint for your trip.

In the next few weeks, I challenge you to take at least one spontaneous trip. It doesn’t have to be a complicated, long-distance vacation. Even something within a few hours of home is perfect.

I did just that this weekend. My buddy in Salt Lake City planted the seed when he pointed out a huge storm bearing down on the mountains above town.

After about an hour of discussion, we said to hell with it, let’s do this. So one buddy flew in from Denver, and another drove from Montrose, Colo. We were rewarded with feet of fresh powder for 10 hours straight. It was some of the most amazing snow I’ve ever shredded.

Look, I understand there are considerable drawbacks to taking such a lackadaisical approach to planning.

One of these days you will get screwed out of doing something because you didn’t make reservations or secure accommodations. Spontaneous travel might not be the most practical full-time approach to traveling.

Anything is probably better than sitting on the couch, though. Give it a shot. Go with the flow.

What is something spontaneous you have done recently?


Just go!

How often do you sit at home wasting time planning your day?

Will you take the mountain bikes out?  The kayaks? Perhaps bag a peak you’ve been researching?  Or climb a technical route you heard about? Maybe you’ll call an old friend for a round of golf?

Some of us have a tendency to overthink our every move, which inevitably leads to one excuse after another. You would take the bikes out, but you have nobody to ride with.  Kayaking would be nice, but the water sure is cold.  And there is a 10% chance of rain on the mountain.  Better stay home.

Before you know it, the day is over, and you’re still on the couch.  Maybe next time. Now what?

The easiest solution to your problem is to just go!

Call your buddies. Pack your gear. Just go.