On The Road With: Hannah

Hannah spent one semester studying abroad at the University of Leicester in Leicester, England last year.  Here is what she had to say about her experience.

Eric Murtaugh:  Tell me about how you got involved with your study abroad program.

Hannah:  A few of my friends had studied abroad so I applied and figured what the hell. When I got there, I joined the University of Leicester Woman’s Football (soccer) club and also the Study Abroad Society.

I was also part of the London Orientation, which was a 2-week orientation in London with about 30 of us. I was glad I decided to join all the things I did.

EM:  What did you learn about Europe?

H:  There are many things I learned about Europe, but the first thing I learned is that the UK is not as rainy and cloudy as everyone thinks. Everyone is very laid back, and a lot of Europeans do like Americans, despite what most people would think.

It is hard to have to always look the opposite way than what you are used to before you cross the street, and riding in someone’s car on the side you’re used to driving on is a crazy experience.

The bus systems are always late, and being late is not a big deal in Europe/UK.

EM:  You seemed to make it a point to travel almost every weekend. How did you make it happen?

H:  I knew that one major thing I wanted to do while I was across the pond was travel and I made it happen. I studied a lot during the week and got my papers done while almost everyone else I knew went out.

But I planned every trip for all of my friends and made sure I went to the places that I wanted to go.

“Every second I was abroad was so far the best time of my life.” Hannah in Scotland.

EM:  Which countries did you visit?

H:  I visited England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland.

EM:  What’s the hardest part about traveling in Europe?

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