Gear Review: REI MultiTowel Lite

When it comes to gear, versatility is key.  Such is the case with the REI MultiTowel Lite.

Use it to towel off, mop up a mess, wash your face, dry dishes, clean your glasses—you name it.

The MultiTowel is a light, compact alternative to a bulky cotton towel. Not that you would be backpacking with a cotton towel, but maybe you’ve packed one when you’re on the road. Use the MultiTowel instead.

It’s made of a durable ultrasoft synthetic fabric, topped off with an antimicrobial treatment. Hey, nobody likes a stinky towel.

And the best part? REI claims the MultiTowel “absorbs up to 8 times its weight in liquid, yet 90% of the liquid can be easily wrung out to speed drying time.” I believe it.

Hang it up soaking wet by the quick-attach loop, and 20 minutes later it’s completely dry.  

The towel also comes with a clear mesh carrying case for easy storage.

The MultiTowel is a little on the price side (currently $26.50 for the x large, $19.50 for the large, $12.50 for the medium) , but it’s money well spent.