What are your plans for the summer?

People start getting cabin fever this time of year here in North America. Well, the people who don’t live in sunny Southern California, at least (don’t hate me).

With cabin fever comes the insatiable urge to start planning your spring and summer. We are a forward-thinking bunch, aren’t we?

So with that, I’m curious what you have cooking. Anything big on the horizon? Please do share.

I’d like to bounce ideas off each other, swap insider knowledge, and really just find out what you crazy kids are up to.

Here’s what I’m hoping for this spring/summer:

1. Scale Mt. Whitney, if we can actually get a permit this year

2. Raft the Salt River in Arizona

3. Snowboard in Chile or Argentina. Better yet, both.

We do have one long-term plan we just started working on:

1. Around The World! (We haven’t told our family yet. Good thing they don’t read my blog.)

Have at it friends.