Folks, the outdoor advice line is now open

Today I’d like to find out how I can help you.

No, I will not clean your house, or watch your kids, or offer reliable relationship advice. You would be worse off if you came to me for any of that stuff.

So what am I offering here? Good question, pilgrim. I’d like to help you get started on your next outdoor adventure.

Suppose you’ve never been camping, or backpacking, or kayaking, or anything to do with being outdoors, and you really want to give it a shot but feel like something is missing.

Thinking about a new sleeping bag? Or which tent to buy? Or how to go about securing permits? Maybe you’re stuck in a debate between bacon and beef jerky for your next camping trip (hint: without hesitation, always go with bacon)?

I don’t know it all, and I’m still learning a lot myself. But as a dude with experience in many outdoor situations, I just might be able to give you a few tips. Let’s talk.