On The Road With Solitaire

A few quality videos for your viewing pleasure

Just in case you don’t have enough time-wasting crap to look at online already, I’d like to share a few rad videos and video series I’ve been checking out lately. Thank me later, you hopelessly bored desk jockey.

On The Road With Solitaire

“On The Road With Solitaire is a 12-part web series following Sweetgrass Productions in the making of their 2-year project, the South American backcountry ski and snowboarding film SOLITAIRE. For the summer of 2012, new episodes will be released every Thursday until July 26th.”

If you only have a few minutes to kill, be sure to check out freakishly weird Episode VII — Welcome to the Jungle. Good stuff!

Unbreakable: The Western States 100

“In 2010, four of the greatest undefeated mountain runners on earth toed the starting line at the Western States 100-mile endurance run, the oldest and most prestigious 100-mile foot race in the world. Unbreakable: The Western States 100 follows the four lead men on this amazing journey.”

I run 3 miles and I’m super proud of myself. These guys run 100 miles in gnarly mountainous conditions. Watch the trailer. If you’re a runner, you’ll get stoked.

Clif Bar: Meet the Moment

“You don’t plan Moments…they just happen. Be inspired to meet yours by watching Team CLIF Bar athletes climb at Smith Rock, ski Oregon backcountry, surf NorCal, mountain bike in the Santa Cruz redwoods, and more!”

Oldie but a goodie. I get fired up watching this one.

Brothers on the Run

“John and Eric Jackson, two professional snowboarders and brothers embark on the adventure of a lifetime by driving 15,000 miles from Alaska down to the southern tip of Chile on a journey to ride mountains on the top and bottom of the Americas and discover what’s in between.”

This is a great ongoing series not just about snowboarding, but about ambitious travel plans, adventure, big scenery, good friends, and good times.