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How do you define adventure?

How do you define adventure?

“An undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks; an exciting or remarkable experience”

I believe you pursue adventure throughout your life no matter who you are. And because adventure comes in so many forms, you are often quick to identify your adventure not as an exciting or remarkable experience, but as a routine chore, just another component of life.

Perhaps, like me, you pursue the obvious adventures in life. White water rafting. Climbing. Backpacking. Skydiving. Mountaineering. Snow camping. Sailing. Traveling. Rappelling. Flying. Anything to get the blood pumping.

I can guarantee that you pursue the not-so-obvious adventures in life, as well. Graduating college. Buying a house. Running for mayor. Having a baby. A career change. Signing up for yoga classes. Staying sober for a month. Giving to charity. Getting married. Retiring. Learning a new language. Paying your bills on time. Driving a car for the first time.

When you look at it this way, so much of life becomes an adventure.

What’s important is that no matter how you define adventure, you are constantly in pursuit of an exciting and remarkable experience. Keep this in mind as we approach a new year.

I wish you nothing but happiness and adventure in 2012.