first time

Why you should embrace being nervous about the ‘first time’

Think back to a time when you were preparing for something new. Maybe it was a trip, or an event, or an experience. Doesn’t matter.

Remember how stoked you were leading up to that day? How concentrating on anything else in life was practically impossible? How intense the anticipation associated with a new experience was?

Why did you feel that way? Because you had no idea what to expect, or how you would react.

You experience a certain amount of what I’ll call “good nervous” when it comes to “first times.” Good nervous is a byproduct of hopeful anticipation. A positive, happy outcome is on the horizon for you. You are unable to predict the future, but you sure as hell know something new and exciting is about to happen. You’re slightly worried at times about certain details, but the day cannot come soon enough.

This is such an amazing feeling, isn’t it?

Good nervous cannot occur if the moment you are preparing for will ultimately result in a negative outcome. Its sibling, “bad nervous,” is a byproduct of anxiety, and we do not enjoy anxiety very much.

Bad nervous wears you down. Good nervous keeps you going.

Which is why you should make it a point to perpetually seek out new and exciting experiences.

To be fair, it’s not all downhill after you experience something for the first time. If anything, your urge to recreate an awesome experience will guide your thought process in the future. Your “first time” merely sets the tempo.

Tell me about the good nervous you felt before you did something for the first time.