Gather around the virtual campfire

If there’s one thing I really enjoy doing it’s sitting around a campfire shooting the breeze with a few good friends. As the evening progresses, and the beer stash gets lower and lower, stories of bravado, stupidity, conquests, expeditions, dreams, failures, ghosts and every other angle under the sun start taking on a life of their own.

A few of these stories will stay with me for as long as I’m still kicking around. Some of them have even inspired me to pursue a new destination.

So it might be fun to have our own virtual campfire or sorts here today. Tell me all about the good times you’ve had outdoors, or on the road, or overseas—everything is fair game! We might not end up smelling like a burnt piece of toast afterwards, but the stories will be entertaining nonetheless.

I’ll go grab matches and a bottle opener.

A little fire we had one fine summer evening. Plenty of stories told around this one.