Exploring the link between smells and adventure

Today we are going to conduct a bit of an odd experiment. Just for fun, let’s see if certain smells trigger memories of swashbuckling adventure.

What we’ll do is respond to each smell listed with an adventurous memory. It can be anything—travel, rafting, hunting, you name it. A one word response is perfectly acceptable. Try to go with the first memory that comes to mind.

I’ll include my responses to each smell in the comments below.

If there happens to be a smell you’re unfamiliar with, skip it and include your own. We’ll start with 10 for now, and perhaps add more if anyone actually thinks this exercise is worth their time.

OK, here we go.

1. Neoprene

2. Smoke

3. Sunscreen

4. Burnt food

5. Bug repellent

6. Rain

7. Oil

8. Pine

9. Beer

10. Freshly cut grass