brick floor

Why we need a ‘sleeping in public’ database

Sleeping in public is an acquired skill. One must accept the very real possibility of snoring, talking, drooling, farting, maybe even walking.

People who can fall asleep at a moment’s notice on any surface, be it a brick floor, or a pain inducing chair, are to be admired.

Sometimes, though, necessity strikes. Try as you might, sleep will eventually find you.

And if you’re anything like I am, the type of traveler who will avoid sleeping in public at all costs, the idea of exposing your sleeping self to the world is horrifying. I snore. I talk. I drool. I fart. And I walk.

I bring this topic up because I’m sitting here at Kansas City International waiting for a connecting flight. This place is built like a concentration camp. Cold interior. Stiff chairs. Nowhere to take a nap. And I’m freaking tired.

Mad public sleeping skillz I never knew I had.

Why, in this hyper connected world we live in, are there no databases solely devoted to comfortable spots to sleep in public, especially at airports?

Do you know of any good places to crash in public?

I’ll kick this international database off: There are rows of padded chairs with no armrests downstairs near the Star Peru gate at Jorge Chávez International Airport.

I’m just doing my part to make the world a better, more sleep friendly place.