Encounters with urban wildlife

The last thing most urban dwellers want to see on a casual stroll through their neighborhood park is something able to chew you to pieces or swarms of venomous insects buzzing violently just overhead.

I had the very good fortune of seeing both today. About 10 minutes after I told my dog “we might see a coyote with all this fresh poop on the trail,” we round the corner and standing there was Mr. Coyote himself.

Mr. Coyote had all the space he needed to bark, yelp, roll around, eat grass, tell my dog how lame domestication is, poop some more. When in comes a massive swarm of bees, the sound of monster truck wheels buzzing down the freeway.

Wild stuff!

Yet there I was, just minutes from one of the busiest interstates in the world, surrounded by housing developments, huge swimming pools, a municipal airport, cars speeding by.

Experiences like this remind me of the importance of protecting all critters, from those wild creatures who may never see a human being, to Mr. Coyote and his bee friends.

Have you had the opportunity to observe wildlife in an urban setting? Ducks on ponds count.