On Tattoos and Stupid Decisions

Remember when you were 18 and you thought to your self, “Self, now would be  an awesome time to get the biggest, baddest tattoo ever since I am of a sound, reasonable, and now legal mind”?

Then maybe you thought what the hell, let’s get another tattoo, and another. Before you know it, you have several tattoos, all in perfectly placed spots on your body.

Good work. Those are permanent, you know. Your 30-year-old self wishes that wasn’t the case. Stupid 18-year-old self, always up to no good.

Do you have regretful tattoos? When did you get them, and where are they located on your body? What’s the story behind them? Go on. Do share.



  1. You know me, I’m your wussy reader. No tats. But I let my ex talk me into getting my ears pierced. I never was a big one for jewelry but I let him persuade me ……and it turned out I was allergic LOL

    1. Yes! I’m allergic to ear rings, too…any kind of gold, silver, metal…my ears swell up and get really red….

      1. Well, it was the 80’s too, so they weighed about 3 pds a piece…can you say Ginormous hoops!!! 🙂

  2. Never got one, pretty much for those reasons. Hell, I waited till I was in my 40s to leave an earring in long enough to keep the hole open.
    But one day, I may get a tattoo of a tiger on my ass.
    Just like George Schulz.

  3. So far, after reading all the comments I’ve determined that your 18 year old self was truly stupid, unlike the rest of our 18 year old selves. Apparently, we were very wise. I also, refrained from getting a tattoo. Somebody once said, “Would you put a bumper sticker on a Rolls Royce?” That stuck with me, not that my bod is a Rolls Royce, probably more of a Hyundai, but still, it’s the only one I have. Also, is there anything less attractive than seeing granny at the beach with her sagging tattoos? It’s better for men, women… not so much.

    Hopefully someone will comment soon and make you feel better, Eric. If not, I’ll come back as a random person and tell you I regret my many tattoos. Okay? 😉

  4. I don’t have any tattoos (not that I’m opposed to them, they just look like they hurt like hell getting them) and I have no idea what I would get a tattoo of.

  5. I have a dancer on a mountain on my calf which I got about a year ago (I am now 33yrs old) and love because it is there to remind me during the hard times of who I really am.

    1. A dancer on a mountain so outweighs an eyeball on your calf …still waiting to hear the significance of that damn eyeball.

    2. Sounds pretty cool! I think anybody who is considering tattoos should wait until they’re about 30. Otherwise, use a sharpie if you’re 18. Sharpie tattoos aren’t as permanent.

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