Long Live The Buffalo Coat

Long Live The Buffalo Coat

Considering I recently retired the ol’ buffalo coat header, I figured I’d share the shot in all its glory. No text, no cropping, no BS. Just a man and his 800-pound buffalo coat. I really love that coat. Even though I think I fractured a vertebra wearing it. Still a great coat, regardless.



      1. you must suffer to be beautiful – uh.. well we can reword that for your purposes … suffer to be fluffy..no..suffer to be bisonly..eh.. suffer to be … yea let me think on that – heels are hella sexy.. the endorphin rush usually blocks out the pain ..

    1. Of course I would! I would never check something so beautiful. I would, however, purchase two seats. One for me. One for the coat.

    1. Once. Truth be told, it’s at a visitors center in Rocky Mountain National Park. Yes, I wanted to keep it, but the rangers said something about preserving history and blah blah blah. I’ll go back for my coat one of these days. They’re government boys, after all. They can be bribed.

    1. The spirit of the buffalo coat lives on forever, John. On another note, my respect for the Winnipeg police of old just increased immensely.

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