A Slight Obession With My Man Cave

I think I might have a problem. I spend a lot of time in my garage now. Too much time, perhaps. Guess where I’m writing this post. Yep.

Let me explain. My man cave (and I hesitate to use the term because of its ridiculous popularity lately, but I have no idea how else to describe it) is a constant work in progress. I have done a whole lot of manual labor setting this space up. You have no idea how difficult it is to prevent your wife from storing all her unwanted crap in your garage.

It’s rather comfy out here, actually. I have a dirty black rug I rescued from a neighbor who abandoned it when he moved out. My dog loves it. Guess where he is right now. Yep.

I have a cheap lamp from Target—my wife’s only piece of unwanted crap permitted in my cave—and this burly clamp lamp attached to the rafters. The lighting in here is very soothing.

There is plenty of seating. Well, 3 chairs and a cooler. One of the chairs even has a footrest. Fancy, right?

And I have plenty of decorations out here. Maps, pictures of nature doing nature things, a collection of old press passes and backstage passes, bulk coffee bag (whatever, it’s cool), dart board, mullet wig, and some fish decoration we bought on clearance. I have one of those little iPod charger/radio thingys, too.

I enjoy being around my outdoor gear. Call me weird, but I like the idea of hanging out in a gear shop/living room which just so happens to be my garage.

I burn incense and smoke cigars out here, something I’m definitely not allowed to do in the house. I fart when I want. Something I’m highly discouraged from doing in the house.

Anyway, back to the problem. Me spending too much time out here. So I have one question for the dudes and one question for the ladies.

Dudes, how much time do you spend on average per week in your cave?

Ladies, would you suspect your husband or boyfriend had a problem if he started eating dinner out in the garage?


  1. Hubby has an UNfinished basement with a 50″ screen TV AND the garage. I’m allowed a small corner in the garage for gardening tools etc. Other than that I’m to stay out so he can do manly things in his manly room. The dog and I control the rest of the house so no complaints. He’ll occassionally take meals downstairs to watch his TV. Oh, and HE keeps talking about moving into the Rig full-time. Not sure how that will work out???

    We’ve been together 30 years and going strong. His space – My space…works great. You and the dog enjoy YOUR space 🙂

    1. Something tells me I can learn a thing or two from your husband! Talk about a veteran man cave master!

      Had to chuckle at your “dog and I control the rest of the house” comment. That’s pretty much how it goes around here, too. I’m sure it’s why we men take what little space we are awarded very serious.

  2. Great post! My husband would love a garage…he has a ‘man cave’ (I even excitedly bought him a tin sign saying MAN CAVE once, thinking he would love it….I’m pretty sure he didn’t like it, but he hung it up anyway (?) The walls are covered (every inch) with model cars he put together, toy cars he has collected, sports stuff, neon lights, beer stuff etc. It has a woodstove and a concrete floor! I couldn’t wait to carpet the floor – he looked at me like I was crazy. He spends hours in there working on his fishing gear and fighting zombies on the playstation . Haha. We always eat dinner together (in my dining room).

  3. Loved the description of your cave, Eric. It’s completely unfair that you guys get all the cool stuff! I would have no problem with my guy having dinner in the garage, UNLESS I cooked it for him, in which case, Houston, we’ve definitely got a problem. Other than that, he can have all the pizza and take-out he wants in there, no worries.

  4. Dinner in the garage?! C’mon Eric, I know even you have your limits. Or do you???

    Well, not-so-secretly-anymore I do think it’s great that you have your own little home away from home. I would never be opposed to the institution of a man cave. But I’d have to put my foot down with eating dinner in there without me 😉

    1. Well, what if we men were to invite our women to dinner in the cave? I’m sure my wife would be absolutely thrilled with a romantic candle lit dinner in the garage. 🙂

      The “institution of man cave” has an awesome ring to it. Man Cave Institute, For Men Everywhere, Eating Lonely Diners In The Cave.

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