Tempting Fear: Inside The Mind of an Extreme Skier

I could discuss the topic of extreme sports psychology at length (for more on that, check out my post “Thrill seeking: crazy, or a transcendental pursuit?”).

So I’m always excited when I hear about movies like “Tempting Fear.” Swedish extreme skier and alpinist Andreas Fransson is the main subject of the movie. And while this isn’t an extreme sports psychology film project per se, viewers are offered an inside look into the mind of an athlete who routinely risks his life for big adventure payoffs.

“Only by defying society’s expectations can you find the true uncertainty that defines adventure.” — Andreas Fransson

I’ll let the filmmakers sum it up.

“What makes Andreas most intriguing are his thoughtful musings on meaning from a life on the edge—a willingness to enter mental spaces that few have ever experienced.

“In Tempting Fear, Sweden’s soft-spoken Adventurer of the Year explores a place in which fear overwhelms all emotions, playing both friend and enemy in a pas de deux where death lies just one misstep away.”

Tempting Fear is coming to a Mountain Film Festival near you in October.



  1. WOW!! This must have gotten you REAL excited, Eric. This is your cup of tea. (that sounds so old ladyish) Anyway, you should know that when I think of Eric Murtaugh, this is how I imagine you, no, not your face or accent, but your attitude. This is an awesome preview, I really love stuff like this. Man against nature, etc. It speaks to my soul. I wonder if I have too much testosterone? Hahah!

    1. Well, you can’t. But I think, given the right situation, you’d dig deep and channel your inner Ernest Shackelton/ Andreas dude and you’d conquer what ever stood in your way. You might have to excavate to find it, but I’m certain you have it, Eric.

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