How would you describe your dream adventure?

Maybe you have a mile-long “bucket list” of things you’d like to do someday, which indicates you’re off to a good start.

The problem with those bucket lists though is how everything is supposed to be done before you turn into worm food, not all at once. The enthusiastic bucket lister might compile a list thousands of ideas long. All fine, except it doesn’t describe your dream adventure, the most awesome day (or weeks) of adventure you can possibly think of.

What a bucket list really is a bunch of loose ideas you’re hoping to get to before you die.

(It’s also minor confirmation that your a devotee of Zen Masters Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.)

What if you consolidated a few of those loose ideas to create your dream adventure? Maybe this could be a way to pick and choose all the cool stuff on your bucket list and make an adventure out of it.

Let’s say, for example, that your bucket list includes quintessential requirements such as skydiving, bungee jumping and NASCAR racing. Your day might look like this: skydive onto a bungee jumping platform positioned above a NASCAR racing course, where you’ll jump, hop in a car, and lap every last Dale Earnhardt wannabe out there.

Sounds pretty much impossible, but you get the idea, right?

Describing your dream adventure might be difficult considering part of why we love adventure is because of the unexpected. But we all have badass stuff we’d like to do someday, and I bet some of those loose ideas on your list would fit together perfectly.

So, how would you describe your dream adventure?



  1. One thing I would love to do is a James Bond gag I saw: High altitude skydive in full scuba gear, then cut away from the chute at about +10 feet, drop and scuba away.

    Oh, and I want to jet ski across the Atlantic.
    Any idea how to get sponsors for that?

    1. I’ll sponsor you for $20. You should be good to go. Unless of course you’re being serious. In which case, well, $20 might not go too far, eh? Uh, this seems like something Monster or Red Bull would be into for promotional purposes. I wonder how many hours in the ol’ jet ski saddle you’d have to endure. 500 maybe?

      The skydiving scuba thing is legit.

    1. Way cool! Do most people normally drive on photographic safaris? Or am I just making that up? Do you have any photos/stories to share?

  2. I’m the luckiest person in the world because I’m living my dream — the one I had to live on the road that began when I was about 12. As for my bucket list, I keep checking things off but it keeps growing. So many things to see and do … and so little time.

    1. Way to go Pat! How’d you manage to live on the road for so many years, especially starting at such a young age? I take it your folks traveled a lot?

  3. Dream Adventure #One: Hiking (in entirety, in one trip) the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail or a solo (however boring) hike along the Long Trail in Vermont.

    Dream Adventure #Two: Getting married to the love of my life on the summit of a mountain – many details follow, and I won’t bog up your comment feed with them.

    Dream Adventure #Three: Biking along the entire west coast of the US.

    Dream Adventure #Four: Ironman Lake Placid

    Thanks for giving me something to think about 🙂

    1. Upping the adventure of a lifetime ante, I see! #One is something I dream about all the time (PCT specifically). If #Two happens, expect wedding crashers. #Three would be awesome! Would you include Alaska? #Four Sweet! Have you done one before? I just looked it up out of curiosity. Found out it’s coming up in a few days!

      1. I have never done #Four yet of any kind, other than a teensy sprint. I lived in the ADKs for a couple summers and I absolutely loved watching the triathletes come in and train all summer long. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I was always out leading a week-long canoe trip the day of the race .. I can’t believe it’s that late in the summer already!

        Because I’m an east coaster, I grew up dreaming of the AT and now that I’m a west coaster, the PCT sounds pretty amazing too. So any of #One would be pretty neat.

        #Two .. well, I have a few steps to climb first.

        And #Three – I don’t think I would also include Alaska. I have been there and it’s amazing but road biking is not what I think of when I think Alaska.

  4. Our dream adventures seem to change as we get older. I just hope to see some of Europe, maybe some exotic destination! At this point,any new “place” is an adventure to me!

    1. I’m the exact same way with the “newness” of a place. A new place is also so interesting. Maybe that explains why I move around so much.

    1. Now we’re talking John. I’d say it be a tad challenging, but hard to beat on the adventure scale. Port to port…what a life. Do you sail?

      1. Getting back into it. Retirement option. Sailing is turning into rving without the fuel cost. Or walmart for that matter. It is hard work but the rewards are great.

      2. “Sailing is turning into rving without the fuel cost. Or walmart for that matter.” Probably one of the better traveling quotes I’ve read lately.

  5. I think my dream adventure would just simply be to move to the NW woods, I always dream about. A cabin on the lake with a mountain….deer running wild through the backyard. Living off the land as much as I could. Hikes and canoe trips…every day would be an adventure!

  6. My husband and I have been talking up our Dream Adventure of selling the house and buying a sailboat. It keeps coming up. I could see us sailing in the summers (with plenty of scuba and surfing along the way) and skiing in the winters.

    1. That would be the life—chasing waves all summer, chasing pow all winter. Here’s hoping the SB Powder Hound is sailing the high seas soon!

  7. So true. I did the list myself, but in many case a lot of them will be put together. We need to put it all together as you said and keep thinking about it!

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