My dog, the super adventurer

It’s been a busy few weeks around here.  Somewhere in between packing, driving 11 hours to our new city, unpacking, and letting the dust settle at the new place, my wife and I found out our dog Cyrus has T cell lymphoma. Statistics say he doesn’t have much time.

We’re devastated. Cyrus has been such a huge part of our lives.

This isn’t going to be easy.

I looked through old pictures hoping it would help me feel better yesterday. And by doing so, I realized my dog has had more adventures than some people out there.

There were dozens of camping trips, sometimes in the rain:

There’s the time my wife talked us into driving around the entire Salton Sea:

We hung out at Joshua Tree National Park on that trip, too:

Cyrus will make a game out of anything. Here he is pulling small boulders from a cold Sierra lake:

We always enjoy quality time on the beach:

Hiking and backpacking with Cyrus is a blast. Here we are on a walk in Ouray, Colorado. The funny thing about this picture is that we saw a bear a minute later about 50 yards away. Cyrus didn’t even notice.

We’ve spent hours and hours wandering the woods together:

And battling all sorts of weather together:

We have so many great memories with this dog. He’s been by our side during the best and worst of times. Watching him having fun and being happy makes us happy. And if there’s one thing Cyrus knows how to do, it’s how to have fun and be happy. Life is an endless adventure with him.

You’ll always be my best friend, buddy:



  1. Oh Eric…..very sad….but Cyrus will always be there, not as good as in real life, but in memory and concept. Take him with you on your future adventures and it may help ease the loss.

  2. So sorry. I recently lost my long-time canine traveling companion. It’s hard. I hope, if you decide to get another dog, you find one as perfect as I found for me.

  3. aww…Eric, I love your Cyrus. This post brought tears to my did…It’s very hard to lose a pet. I am truly sorry. My dogs go on lots of our adventures, too. Hang in there!

      1. I have two labs and a German Shepherd mix….all three were rescue dogs. They are like my kids!

  4. Best dog ever. Son, I can’t even find the words to express my sadness. He has taught you to love fiercely and with abandon…hang on to that, it’s such a gift.

  5. From my experience nothing is more special than the love for and from a loyal animal. I am deeply sorry for both you and the super adventurer… it breaks my heart.

  6. I “liked” this, but I don’t “like” it,,,you know that…..
    My little guy is struggling right now, and to hear about Cyrus…well,,,brings tears
    to my eyes…I’m so sorry for the pain you feel….with love, there’s always pain isn’t there 😦

    1. Best of luck to your little guy. Hope he feels better soon. You’re right. Love and pain are closely associated. I’m happy for all the good times we had together.

  7. I’m saddened to hear about Cyrus, but thank you for sharing your adventures Eric. You brought tears to my eyes. Losing a beloved pet is extremely difficult, since they are so much a part of your family. My thoughts will be with all three of you. Love you.

  8. A beautiful acknowledgement of a character that was so dear for you. I hope that he does not suffer too much in the end. He looks quite a personality.

  9. So difficult to say good bye to your beloved pet, but you have many many great memories together. They say he will be waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge, running and playing with others waiting for you to arrive and great you! So sorry Eric!!

  10. Eric, I’m so sorry. You’ve given cyrus such a beautiful, love filled life. I just had my cat of 17 years put to sleep- she had a tumor. It’s incredibly painful to say goodbye but I believe, with all my heart, that we’ll see our friends again. When we cross over, they’ll be there to greet us.
    I love your pictures. Cyrus looks like such a sweetie.
    I’ll be thinking of you…

    1. Sorry to hear about your cat! It’s never easy. Cancer sucks! Thanks for the support friend. I hope you’re feeling OK.

  11. oh…Eric..I am so sorry …I don;t even know what to say.. it hurt to read this.. I just my heart goes out to you and your wife … our furry companions are so much more then pets..
    What a beautiful tribute and a handsome boy he is… .

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