36 uses for a bandana

We came up with some really interesting and very practical (loin cloth, bear leash) uses for bandanas.

I’m sure you’re just dying to see the results all nice and tidy in one place. We didn’t quite get to a hundred and one uses for a bandana (slackers), but we were close enough. So here you go, beginning with the first five examples I offered:

1. Coffee filter

2. Glasses cleaner

3. Pot holder

4. Use to put pressure on wound

5. Emergency repair for broken strap on pack

6. Look like Rambo (adventurecrow)

"Good call, Crow." -Rambo

7. Or a ninja (Me)

8. Or Ninja Turtles (adventurecrow)

9. Rock sling (adventurecrow)

10. Wipe the sweat off your forehead (thesweetkitten)

11. Sling (El Guapo)

12. Pouch (El Guapo)

13. Strap to tie things to backpack (El Guapo)

14. Dust filter (El Guapo)

15. Identifier, if it’s a unique color/pattern (El Guapo)

16. Beer bottle dust filter (Me, attempting to save face after asking El Guapo a dumb question regarding dust filters)

17. Loin cloth (Sheena)

I don't feel comfortable with this weirdo and his loin cloth. But nobody rocks this look like Fabio, I suppose. "This one's for you, Sheena." -Fab

18. Two-piece bandana bikini (Me, and no, not for me, just me coming up with a sweet idea, kids)

19. Handkerchief (stromatoliteful)

20. Flag, for rescue purposes and for the heck of it (stromatoliteful)

21. Something to get the grease off your hands if your chain came off (stromatoliteful)

22. Snot rag (lizziecracked)

23. Blindfold, good for extra fun at night during ahem… (lizziecracked)

24. Pack your lunch, put it on a stick, aka bindle (lizziecracked)

Just a man and his bindle.

25. Capture the flag amusement (lizziecracked)

26. Soak it in water and put it under your hat if it’s hot (lizziecracked)

27. Tourniquet (lizziecracked)

28. Bear leash (Me)

29. Kraft Dinner strainer (John Phillips)

30. Ice pack (John Phillips)

31. Insulation while making yuccaflux (John Phillips)

32. Never hit the trails without one! (Slimms)

33. Something to sit on (Natalie)

34. Napkin (Natalie)

35. An ascot/tie (Natalie)

36. Restraints (Natalie)

We got about halfway there. Again, not bad for a bunch of slackers. Just kidding. You guys rock.



  1. 1) Used like cheesecloth for an herbal compress to relieve burns from say hot coals, stinging nettles or bear hurling fireballs. Toss some yarrow or plantain leaf in there and spit on it.
    2) Toss some sage, juniper berries, mesquite seeds, and mugwort in there and you have a very funky and probably disgusting bouquet garni for you impromptu soup or stew. Unless you remember to pack your rosemary, sage, bay leave and thyme (or happen to be backpacking in Italy)

    1. Or was it Fabio who was cracking you up? I can’t take any credit for that man’s sense of humor!

      1. I have not. Any good? I suspect Demolition Man has something to do with the sea shells.

      2. Sure does, its a silly action movie but great for quotes! I am sure you can google the 3 sea shells and get a chuckle πŸ˜‰

  2. I would be the most fun to be out in the woods with a bandana with…. hahaha just KIDDING!!! but admit it I would be fun… probably more like following me and watching me pay capture the flag by myself… πŸ˜• but REALLY everyone came up with such good ideas… don;t you think? you do I know or you wouldn’t have posted it…I think

    we deserve a field trip…just saying…you thought i forgot huh? πŸ™‚

      1. YES!!! well she will – just don;t show her the bus – oh wait this is a job for DAD…. I’m good to go… they said yes!! or will … and I WONT sign any for my kids so they can stay with the grandparents – see how that worked out AWESOMELY!!!!

  3. Honored to be part of the band of delightfully creative crazies!
    And if you ever post a pic of you in the two piece bandana bikini, I’m unsubscribing.
    After I plaster it all over the ‘net.

      1. You’re right, Lizzie. The world should not be without a picture of me in a two-piece bandana bikini.

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