Marriage proposals in epic conditions

I proposed to my wife almost three years ago to the date while cross-country skiing at Badger Pass in Yosemite. During a freak blizzard. Romantic, no?

There's just something about a blizzard that will always get a woman to say "yes."

After she said “yes,” I believe she said something like “we better get the hell out of here.”

To all you married guys out there, please tell me I’m not the only knucklehead to propose in such harsh conditions. Or am I? Crap.



  1. By the time I proposed to my girl, we were together about 8 years, living together for 7, so it was a foregone conclusion.
    My actual proposal was
    She found a ring she liked.
    We went out to buy it (at a mall)
    Once it was purchased (after lunch in the store), I pulled out a pair of candlesticks (yes, with candles), napkins, and cookies for dessert. Then I asked her to marry me.
    She said yes, to much applause in the store.

    I think yours was much less inane than mine.

    Were you planning on proposing then, or did it just hit you in the moment that she was the one?

    1. Well done, dude.

      We were together 7 years, living together for 5. We already picked out the ring, so it was really only a matter of time. She didn’t know I brought the ring up to Yosemite, though. I had it all mapped out on the x-country ski trails to summit this little hill, eat lunch, chill, pop the question. And then a goddamn blizzard showed up.

  2. My husband surprised me by proposing next to a blazing fire in a quaint inn in the mountains. What I learned later was that he had planned to propose to me earlier that day during a horse-drawn carriage ride through the snowy woods. It was ridiculously cold and he aborted his plan midway through the ride because we were shivering so much. I would have said yes no matter where he asked, but I was really glad that I didn’t have to take my gloves off during that carriage ride.

    1. Talk about improvisation! Hats off to your husband for not folding under pressure. A blazing fire trumps frost bite any day.

  3. Hi,
    My Husband proposed to me in the Ancient Ruins in Cambodia, we were totally alone, and underneath the Bayon Heads in Angkor Thom, obviously I said Yes. 😀

  4. The blizzard sounds a bit more rewarding and yes, romantic. I am not generally a fan of skis or skiing, (although I quite like a good blizzard now and then) that about takes the cake. I proposed to Kendra on the first second of this year amid a drunken throng of french quarter revelers, pretty much the exact opposite setting to your proposal, but Kendra’s affirmative response was followed by the same, “We better get the hell out of here.

  5. Hi Eric. Your proposal is EPIC 😀 I’m very far from being married, but I’ve known for a long time now that this is the exact kind of proposal I will do one day. Seriously, I intend to do it in the mountains, during a freaking intense mountaineering session, in a blizzard would be just perfect. On a summit would be crazy too, with heavy winds and all, with a beautiful inversion all around us! Or like in the jungle during a heavy storm. Well, you understand.

  6. How wonderful! That’s a lovely story – and a fabulous location to propose in – makes Yosemite even more special 🙂

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