Gear Review: Light My Fire Spork

It’s a fork.  It’s a spoon.  It’s a knife.  It’s a foonife. Or a Light My Fire Spork, for those of you lacking any sort of original creativity.


The big difference between a traditional spork and the Light My Fire Spork is that the spoon and fork are on opposite ends.  This means you can actually scoop a decent amount of liquid into your spoon without it seeping through your fork.

Scandinavian spork designer Joachim Nordwall must have been fed up with the old way of sporking, and thought “well, this is just stupid.”

Nordwall did a nice job with the Light My Fire Spork. I love the versatility of this utensil. Its lightweight, flattened profile allows for easy storage, making it perfect for backpacking trips.

You have a variety of “civilized colors” (as Light My Fire says) to choose from. And to top it off, it’s made of a heat resistant polycarbonate material.  Good news for people who leave their utensils near an open flame, I suppose.

Look at all those "civilized colors."


There is only one minor drawback to this utensil:  where’s the compass?  Joking.

Really though, its long-term durability remains questionable . I actually broke my Light My Fire Spork last time out.

To be perfectly fair, I put the poor thing under immense pressure in my pack. So unless you’re working on a frozen quart of ice cream, I’m sure this spork will hold up for a while.

The knife built into the side of the fork might be a great concept, but trust me, you’re not going to win a knife fight with it.  About the only thing you could cut with this knife is a hot stick of butter.

Should you buy it?

Well, that depends.  Do you prefer utensils with your meals on the trail? Or are you the kind of rude slob who eats with his hands?  If so, pass.

Otherwise, the Light My Fire spork is a sure bet if you’re in need of a reliable and transportable spoon/fork/knife combo.

Besides, you can’t possibly resist all of those “civilized colors.”



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