Turn on, tune in, drop out

To the backpacking, nature-loving purists out there, I’m sorry.  What I’m about to say may upset you.

I’m bringing my iPod along on my next backpacking trip.

I, too, was a purist of sorts at one time. I still am, mostly.  But I’ll admit, snowboarding and music are a perfect pair.

It took a while to reach this conclusion, as I’d scoff at the tight-pant wearing pretty boys shuffling through their playlists on the chairlift. And then I found a few metal tracks I really enjoyed. Several laps around the hill. Metal blasting. Bombing sections. Cold wind attacking my face.  I’m sold.

So what is the harm in at least trying an iPod on the trail? Will I stay plugged in until my battery expires?  Of course not.  Nature’s music is just as good.

Think about it, though. Your favorite track, hitting the crescendo, at the exact moment when Mother Nature is breathtakingly beautiful, pouring her eye candy all around you.

It would be interesting to hear what other backpackers have to say on the topic. I know plenty of thru-hikers won’t go without their iPod.  What about the day trippers? The weekend warriors?


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