3 things I hate about Peru

1. Napkins: I don’t think there is a single establishment in the entire country of Peru that doesn’t use impossibly thin napkins, the kind of napkin that basically disintegrates after two uses.  Hey, I’m a slob over here! Give me a thick napkin, damn it!

2.  Beer:  Cusquena isn’t exactly tasty.  I’ll admit that I am a bit of a beer snob, and I’ll take into account that I live in the Land of One Zillion Microbreweries.  Sure, this beer is Miller Lightish drinkable. But after your 12th or 13th Cusquena (who’s keeping track, anyway?), you’re left longing for variety. You can find a bigger selection in the cities.  Good luck out in the country.

3.  Standing in line: Peruvians will cut you off in line and act like you’re not shooting eye lasers into the back of their head while they stand there impervious to your anger.  I’ve seen dudes my age cutting old ladies off in line.  Old ladies cutting kids off.  Kids cutting dudes my age off.  It’s a vicious cycle, one in which you will never win.


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