Crap Deal

There are a lot of frustrated employees these days. For those of us “fortunate” enough to secure gainful employment with benefits, we are fooled into thinking we’re lucky. Lucky to have a job.  Lucky to receive a pay check every week.

Problem is, the modern employer has found a cost effective loophole in the system, which I call a “Crap Deal.”  Because you are lucky to be employed, you have unfortunately bought into a Crap Deal.

As you survive one layoff after another, and experience cuts in all departments across the board, you have assumed a larger workload, to the point where it isn’t even manageable anymore. In return, you get nothing.  No extra pay. No extra perks.  You’re just lucky.  Funny how this Crap Deal model favors the employer.

Have a look at Outside Magazine’s latest collection of the “50 Best Places to Work.” Notice that every single one of those companies on that list places a high value on employee satisfaction.

This, of course, should not be an anomaly.  Employee satisfaction should always be an employer’s No. 1 concern.  A happy employee is a productive employee, which in turn creates a profit.

But why is it that so many employers would undoubtedly bemoan each and every one of those perks? Yoga classes?  Daily walks to the beach together? Healthy living seminars?  Time off for powder days? Bring your dog to the office? Get out of here!  This is a business we’re running!

And that attitude is the very essence of the Crap Deal. You better get creative if you plan on finding a way out.


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