Game day, Part II

Packers. Saints.  It wasn’t on. Literally.

Why?  Because of an “unprecedented outage” in San Diego County that “left millions in the dark,” including me.

The power went out around 3:38 p.m. The game was on at 5:30. Normally a power outage isn’t a big deal to me. It’s fun. But when 5:30 rolled around, then 6, 6:15, I knew I was screwed. I have a strong feeling that a Bears fan is behind all of this.

Wife: “Eric, it’s just a game.” Chicks.

I said in my last post that my family was “still in this together.” Thanks to my old man, I was able to “watch” the game on the phone, as he provided the play by play. I have to say he could use a little improvement as a sportscaster, but he did OK.

Moments after I built a campfire in the yard, the power came back on to hoots and hollers throughout the neighborhood. Powergeddon 2011 was over. And so was the game.


Say what?

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