Game day

Packers. Saints. Tonight. It’s on.

Our ritual

The Packer flag was hung.  The lucky troll was in his place, facing north towards Green Bay. Our good neighbors down the street were always on hand.

A thousand silly rituals, each of them important to us. Our own Packer Nation.

Game day at the Murtaugh residence was a big deal.  Most of the week was spent doing what typical families do.  Work. School. Studying.

But when Sunday came around, we were together as a family.  No exceptions. It was some of the best quality time we ever had.  It became so much more than just watching a football game.

My parents went through an ugly divorce.  During that time, we lost all interest in keeping up with Packer football as a family.  We lost our bond.

Time passed, wounds healed.  I forgave my dad, and we started talking again.  Started talking Packer football.  Man, it felt great to be back.

Last season, my dad, sister, and I went to the game versus the Giants at Lambeau. The magic in that place is undeniable. It was our first official game. It would be the first of six the Packers would have to win to become Super Bowl Champs.  We were a part of that.

Our game day bond is as strong as ever now.

Today is game day.  And while we all live in different places now, I know we’re still in this together.

Go Pack Go!


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