LOL Lessons

Guys, looking to get a raucous LOL out of your lady?  Here’s an idea. Sit around camp assuring your already nervous gal pal that attacks by Colorado bears are rare, and that there is absolutely nothing to worry about if you are attacked considering your brute strength and huge, intimidating biceps.

Say something tough like “Man, I bet all those Colorado bears look just like Cheer Bear the Care Bear. Freakin’ hippies.”

And at this very moment, induce a massive, gushing nosebleed. Classic!

She’ll definitely get a chuckle out of the blood droplets you’re spreading around the campsite!

This LOL potential is all about timing. Be certain she has reached her maximum anxiety output so that she’ll give you all the credit for taking the weight off her shoulders. You know what they say, laughter cures all. You, sir, are now one funny ass hero.

Now get out there and give it a shot, jokester. If she doesn’t find this hilarious, she’s either (A) self-conscious about her LOLing, or (B) just not that into you.

I have provided a file photo from my own collection to help determine just how nasty of a nosebleed we’re talking for you to find instant LOL success. Good luck.

For the record, when I tried this little stunt, my wife did not laugh.  But we’re married, which is to say all laughter ceases after the honeymoon.


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