This here is from the Palm Springs Air Museum. Check this place out If you’re into old, decaying instruments of war.  The planes parked inside the museum are in great shape, and they even have a bitchin’ B-17 outside the hanger.

But it was the ignored, dusty aircraft shoved into the corner of the lot that really caught my attention.

It being midday in the desert, I had the place all to myself. The door to this helicopter was wide open, so I figured what the hell, let’s climb aboard for a better perspective.

I spent a good deal of time in there (I’m not sure how, considering it felt like I was broiling in an oven), contemplating the history of the chopper.  At one time, it was a pilot’s job to fly this beast.  Maybe it saw action.  Perhaps it carried wounded soldiers off the battlefield. One thing is for sure: the climb gauge is busted.

If choppers could talk.


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